Tuesday, May 3, 2011

love :: paper runway

Are you a paper lover? I unashamedly admit that I am - the smell, the feel and all that potential found inside of a single piece of paper - I love it in so many ways. My love affair with paper has been a life long addiction and I would say it is pretty extreme - if I could build a house made of paper and live in it - I think that I probably would. Paper walls, paper lights, paper tables and paper bowls. It could work??

If you also belong to this paper obsessive club I do suggest that you go check Paper Runway - a brand new online magazine dedicated to all things paperish. Keep an eye out for Charlie, he got a half a centerfold. Sexy beast.


  1. It feels a little weird that a magazine about paper isn't made of paper... having said that, it looks amazingly inspiring!

  2. I laughed OUTLOUD at how you described your love of paper. You make me feel so normal now. I spent many a summers at my uncles printery and made my own notebooks for school. It has left such a huge impression on my life and I read your blog as often as possible.

  3. Oh! i love this


  4. Oh My! I share the love and addiction that you speak of....thank you for sharing!!


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