Thursday, April 14, 2011

studio love :: paper boat press

Here in Brisbane there are many wonderful creative and beautiful people who over the years I feel incredibly lucky to have become very special friends with, Beautiful Kylie from Paper Boat Press is one of those.

Last Sunday we meet up for a much overdue catch up over breakfast. Breakfast turned to lunch and lunch turned into almost dinner. It was a most wonderful and inspiring day of "shop" talk, lots of laughs and sharing of ideas. A truly special day.

The afternoon saw some gorgeous light streaming into Kylies studio and she ever so graciously allowed me to capture the beauty of her gorgeous work space. It really is the most inspiring place - it is a studio where magic happens, beautiful things are created and friendships blossom. I could live all day in Kylies studio - their is such beauty in her work, the combination of clay and beautiful words, with limited colour palette and classic typography.

You can visit the Paper boat press website here, blog here, shop here and her collection available via Anthropologie here, here, here and here.

Thank you sweetness, it was one of the best days.


  1. Beautiful work and beautiful space! I can't wait until my studio is up and running.

  2. Are you going to Pia's book launch? A-M xx


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