Wednesday, April 6, 2011

do you house swap?

Hello friends! Today I have a favour to ask of you. Have any of you ever house swapped before? We are currently researching this option for a 3 week holiday possibility this late August. We have been trawling house swapping websites such as Creative Caravan but would love to hear from you if you have swapped before, how you found the experience, or heck if you are somewhere far away and want to swap with us let us know!


  1. could there be anything more fabulous than a successful house swap ? I'm also looking...i love the idea of handing over my yoga membership card {& chickens} to a like-minded Danish citizen. kia x

  2. ... if Austria is far enough for you ;-) I can't really offer a swap because I'll be in Iceland and Denmark but my flat in Vienna is free and always welcomes visitors. And perhaps I'll need a place to stay (not necessarily a whole house) next year in Australia... Just let me know.
    Linda / PaperPhine


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