Friday, April 9, 2010

kate & joel save the date cards

Here at Bespoke we love couples who embrace beautiful typography and the power of white space. It tickles us pink as the end letterpressed result is always simply spectacular. The use of white space allows us to achieve the best possible impression into the paper for the areas of ink, resulting in the amazing tactile feel that letterpress is famous for.

And right now we are totally adoring these latest save the date cards to come out of the studio. With classic and simple typography, and black ink printed on our ivory cotton stock.

We coupled this with the sweetest little love heart inspired by the Aboriginal meaning of Kate & Joels very special and personal wedding location, and not to forget, most of all, because they are in love and it is just simply beautiful.


  1. Lovin the simplicity of this design and have you noticed how others seem to agree? It's popped up on a few notable blogs recently :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I too have a love for simple designs and I think the beauty is best exemplified in letterpress.


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