Wednesday, April 17, 2013

behind the red door

Hello friends, goodness me, its been quite a while between blog posts. This year has just been speeding by and we can't seem to keep up!

In January we made the big move from our home and studio in Brisbane, and 2 containers, 2 cars and a truck full of presses later we ended up at our new abode here in the Southern Highlands. It sure has been quite the adventure! The print studio is now housed in a 3 bedroom double brick cottage which we are slowly converting over into a fully functioning print shop & studio. We are based on just on 1 acre of lovely country land, and our house is down the back seperated from the studio. Although, before we could even move into the studio we had to make some pretty big changes - the first being we needed a big enough hole to get the presses inside of the building!

After some pretty stressful days - it seems that knocking into a main structural wall of a 90 year old brick building isn't for the light hearted - coupled with the slowest builder ever, we ended up with a great big hole in which the presses could be ever so gently placed through!

After some quite frightful moments with our presses lifting and heaving them with cranes and forklifts, we eventually got them on their way into the studio. (A very big thank you for my ever patient dad!).

And finally, they were safely placed into their new locations - a four of them. We had big concerns about our 90 year old Baltic Pine floors coping with the weight of 6 tonnes worth of presses - but thank fully they survived to live another day!

We then were on a mission to get our big hole all closed back up again - I found the above french doors for a bargain price of $88 on ebay. Although they were not quite as pretty as the above photo - they were covered in My Little Pony Stickers and a frightful shade of dirty cream - but after much loving they are now looking like they have always been there. We had to convince the builder to make and install the glass transom above the doors and are so happy that we persevered as it allows so much more light into the studio! We also installed some new lights and gave the studio a new touch of paint (one again, thanks parents!!).Recently we added a hit of red to our front door (many thanks to my little sister for her red choosing assistance!) and our little country studio is slowly starting to take shape! We have still got quite a bit of work to be done - but we have been giving a few sneak peaks over on our instagram, so please do come follow us - we seem to be much better instragramers then bloggers these days (poor blog, please don't take it personally).So while the studio has been taking shape, we have still been as busy as ever! Recently we launched a whole heap of new stationery products (you can find them here), we have been working with some amazing wedding clients, and our little team has continued to grow with 2 new wonderful team members who we will introduce you to shortly!Our Brisbane team still continues to do all their amazing work up in Queensland and I am so in love (is that strange?) and thankful for their amazing job and efforts - they have helped so much in the transition to opening up our second southern studio and they do such an amazing job up in Sunny Brisbane. They are beyond incredible, I could gush all day, such love.So from our new/old studio in Bowral - Hello!! How have you all been?xox


  1. Your new studio looks divine and is so much closer to where i live now(sydney).Welcome to the neighbourhood :)

  2. So exciting to see all these development Alischa - can't wait to come and visit! Steph x


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