Friday, June 8, 2012

visiting japan

Nara Park
Rose Festival, Hirakata Park


Mt Fuji



Silver Temple, Kyoto

Hello lovelies, I hope that you have all been well?  This has been a very, very busy year for us in the studio, so much so, that Mr H and I really needed a small break, to rest and recover, and to find ourselves again. We headed to Japan - somewhere we had never been before, but had heard so many wonderful reports from many dear friends who had visited. We spent most of our time exploring gardens, parks and the country side. It was beyond breath taking, we could not believe the sheer majestic beauty, it was indeed just what our heart and souls needed. A few instagram shots of our travels above (you can find a whole heap more under our instagram user name of bespokepress).

We would like to give a very heart felt thanks to our lovely Studio girls Yesha, Louise and Justine who did an amazing job keeping the studio running, and for understanding our need for a little escape despite our crazy busy studio days at the moment. Also a big thanks to Hayley and Aaron for their beautiful care of Miss Ruby Tuesday and our little home.

So now we are back and revisited and very inspired by our recent travels. I am thinking maybe a Japanese inspired pattern stationery line very soon...????



  1. I lived in Japan for four years and I've been racking my brain trying to figure out where your travel snaps were taken..
    deer = Nara? or Nikko?
    cityscape = Shibuya? or could it be Osaka?
    Mt Fuji = close shot .. Did you visit Hakone? Or trip down to Kyoto?
    Argh.... put me out of my misery, please. (^_^)

  2. Hi Michelle, I've updated the photos with Captions, you had so many right :)

  3. Ahh... I can rest easy. Thanks so much!
    I've been to each of those places. I heart Japan!


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