Wednesday, May 2, 2012

missing you

Hello friends, How have you been? I've been missing you lately. Our wee little blog has been feeling quite sad and somewhat lonely. Our days have just been beyond exhausting of late.

We've got so many many new things on the go at the moment - We are working on lots of new letterpress products (an instagram shot of our photoshoot last week). We've got a mountain of new wedding invitation designs to share with you, we've got some big time changes coming soon for our online world, and we have also had some lovely new girls join our studio team in the past few months which we are still yet to introduce you to. So many, many new things.

The days just seem to be flying by, one manic frantic moment, to another. We drink coffee (and lots of it), we are forgetting to eat lunch, and sometimes breakfast too. We are working with some beautiful clients at the moment, discussing beautiful wedding plans, designing for their day, remembering our own days and wishing we could do them all over again. We have been giving the presses a great work out, chewing through copious amounts of lovely cotton paper and Polly our latest acquisition has well and truly earned her keep in the studio. Each day we are packing up parcels and sending them out into pockets of the world  - to clients, to online shoppers and to our expanding range of retail stores. It is a beautiful life, every day we are thankful for how lucky we are, so we power on, one exhausting lovely day after another.

So please lovely blog friends, don't think we have forgotten you, we will be coming back very soon, we promise.


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