Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend snippets

How was your weekend my lovelies. With all the crazy rain that is happening around the country I hope that you are all high and dry.

Our weekend was quite a busy one - I spent a lot of time in the studio mixing inks and printing away. I've been working on my coffee art - it seems that the only thing I can so far manage are great big white frothy love hearts. Anyone got any coffee art tips? I am afraid we are not excelling too well.

We had a lovely bbq for two outdoors on Saturday night. Ruby Tuesday joined us, so I do suppose it was for 2.5 plus we had a visit from a cane toad. I am not the biggest fan and usually we don't see them much, but they are icky and not quite the visitor we expected for dinner!

The final image above is a request I received on Instagram to show the whale print which lives on our bedside table. I adore this print which was purchased via United Thread on Etsy. They are having a 10% off sale ( I think it ends today) so do make sure you pop by and check out their gorgeous prints. We have a few scattered around the house and I love them all!

Happy Monday!


  1. Where did you get those gorgeous outdoor placemats in your BBQ photograph? I love them!

  2. Hi Sandra, They came from Aura Homewares:

    x Alischa

  3. i love your photos and your blog was awesome and thanks for sharing.


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