Wednesday, February 8, 2012

feeling blue

Some recent instagram photos for you taken over the past few days - it seems that blue is very much my colour of choice at the moment! Image above, our espresso making skills are still much a work in progress, but devouring our attempts each afternoon surely is the most loveliest of ways to learn.

Over the past few days we've been busy making our vintage map envelopes. These beautiful atlas pages have the most lovely of lovely colours -  it is so hard to not let my mind wander and dream of far away places while making these.

This nasty looking storm rolled in yesterday afternoon - and then rolled back out again. We were all set to buckle down the hatches and that sky tempted to scare us, but at the very last moment it took its glory out to sea instead.

And finally a little snippet taken this morning. Not being one to much "accessorise" my fashion, my little collection now lives hanging off this old bird cage. One can't print and wear pearls at the same time, but laying in bed and looking at the collection is quite lovely. The beautiful little love hearts were a lovely gift from a beautiful friend and can be found here.

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