Tuesday, August 16, 2011

in the studio

Have I ever told you how the Little Miss follows the sunshine around the studio? For a Canadian dog she sure does love the sun. She works her way around the office and letterpress studio to ensure that she is always in the prime position for a good dose of sunshine. I really don't know how she could cope frolicking in snow and sleet and swimming in icy rivers as her northern hemisphere brothers and sisters do.

In fact every day, 11am on the dot she takes herself out to the very same spot on the grass next to the path for a good half an hour of sunning. Every single day, without fail, she gets a good 30 minutes dose of UV rays. I almost feel I should offer her a towel, prop up a deck chair and really let her get her sun on.


  1. Not all of us Canadians are at home in the winter months. I for example prefer the sunny warm (hot) days here and back in Australia. I really miss living in Brisbane and the Whitsundays.

    Great picture of a lovely dog.

    Keep up the great work!

    ~ PS. any chance your looking for a designer and stationary lover ? ;)

  2. I think we really need to take a leaf out of Miss Sunshine there and follow her traits!

    have a lovely day.


  3. Her locks are sun kissed for sure! ;)

    What a gorgeous dog she is, what breed? She looks like a red cloud border collie!

  4. She's just too cute for words! Although how you stop yourself from joining her outside for a bit of sunning I don't know :) B.xx

  5. cutest things ever! 11 on the dot :) my dog (japanese spitz) also loves sun baking, even though he has a thick, fluffy, white coat and gets SO hot when he comes back inside :)


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