Friday, March 11, 2011

love :: pony rider

Do you ever get those "oh my god I love" moments? I seem to get them a lot, however sometimes I get those moments and it comes with some much more then love - it comes with awe, a deep appreciation and that feeling that makes me so jolly happy. Usually it involves amazing independent designers, coupled with just damn fabulous typography and Pony Rider is exactly one of these.

Last week I got an email in my inbox from Kelly and Pony Rider. She dropped me a line to say she had viewed our work and loved it. I gushed so badly, and did a little squeal as I too had been loving her work for sometime... it kind of seemed a little like a touch of fate.

You might have seen the work of Pony Rider around lately - they have been so deserving featured in a few of our favourite mags, but do make sure to take the time to check them out here and visit their shop here. I just adore everything - the typography, the colours, the photography styling. Oh my, such lovely love.


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  1. Thankyou for posting about Pony Rider!

    There are so many lovely shops I'd like to check out, but it's hard to remember them all, so a reminder every now and then is just perfect!

    (Oh, and I think I might need that recipe flag...)


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