Wednesday, November 17, 2010

calm amongst the storm

The last week in the studio certainly has not been our best! A massive technological failure saw all our systems and communication down for an entire week. Finally we are back up and running today - phew. If you are waiting on an email or artwork from us we will be sorting through these as quickly as we possibly can.

Amongst the storm of the past horrible week we did have two beautiful moments which kept us smiling. The first we took Miss Ruby Tuesday off to the dog park to escape the stress and manic nature of the studio. Our dog park is quite a blessing - it is about 5 acres of wooded parkland's and is really quite divine. We were quite excited as its not often we get a chance to visit. Mind you, our excitement didn't compare to Ruby's who did 19 wee's in 40 minutes, now that's excitement.

The second lovely thing to happen was a surprise visit from my parents. When they are in Sydney and we are in Brisbane, it certainly was a lovely and very happy surprise indeed!


  1. Aww, that's one very happy dog! Sorry to hear you've had such difficulty - I'm sure your clients have been/will be understanding

  2. Technological failures are no fun at all.

    But the photos are beautiful (and you'll have to tell me where this 5 acre dog park is - sounds like puppy heaven!)

  3. Visiting you is one of our greatest pleasures.....such is the joy of being spontaneous!

  4. Aww your mum can post blog comments - that's so sweet! (This is all because my mum won't go NEAR a computer, despite all my coaxing!)

    Can I please be totally nosy and ask where this dog park is? We used to love taking our dog to a couple of nice dog parks on the coast, but now that we're closer to Brisbane, we're having trouble finding any that aren't just some boring fenced-off rectangle for the dogs in the middle of the park! I agree with Amy - this looks like puppy heaven! The pic of Ruby coming down the path absolutely made me smile!

    So happy to hear you have all your technological issues sorted out now too :)

  5. HI Amy & Alex - the dog park is Kroll Gardens at Clontarf, it has an agility park, smaller area for small dogs and a great big garden, wooded trail and open areas for the rest of our furry friends!

  6. Thanks so much!! I'll be sure to visit :)

    My big clumsy Alsation tends to step on little dogs just like he stomps on my feet, so I'm glad there's a separate bit for them!! And the wooded trail sounds perfect!


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