Wednesday, September 8, 2010

matthew & jackie :: wedding stationery

Around here, we can't deny it, we are the biggest typographic nuts ever. We love typography, we love its shapes, its forms and the subconscious communication which typography portrays to the viewer. So around here, we totally dig it when we have wedding clients who "get" typography and loves beautifully crafted typographic designs as much as we do.

We loved working on these designs for Matt & Jackie. We worked on a series of different typographic designs but really love the final outcome which they chose. Printed in a striking black ink on white cotton stock the pure simplicity of this design resulted in an amazing letterpressed impression. With contrasting typefaces, the heavy weight uppercase and lighter lower case. Polished off with the addition of a heavy double stroke. Absolute love.


  1. Just beautiful and I love their note on gifts; what clever phrasing.

  2. Why thankyou - we wrote that ourselves! and we agree- our invites are JUST beautiful!
    Jackie x

  3. I love, love, love the note on gifts! The "we lived in sin" bit is too cute!

    Gorgeous, as always.


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