Thursday, August 19, 2010

meet maggie

There is no denying it, we are a little hound crazy around here. Dogs of all kinds are always most welcome to come sniff our inks, lay in the sunny corner and hang out in the studio any day.

Little Maggie Noodle (its really Moodle, but we are quite taken with Noodle) would make a wonderful and polite studio guest. Maybe she and her big brother Harvey will come visit their Auntie and Uncle one day.

Isn't she just the cutest little muffin?

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  1. Aww cute! We recently welcomed a puppy into our family (which makes 3)..a black Labrador x Kelpie. Her name is Lizzy but we usually call her by one of her nicknames - Dizzy Lizzy, Licky Lizzy or Lazy Lizzy!

    We're in love! I've just posted a couple of pic's on my blog if you want to have a look.. Been with us only 4.5 days but is already one spoilt cookie :-)



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