Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a note from ruby

Hello! its Ruby Tuesday here. Its been awhile since I have been allowed to post any blog posts - have you missed me?

Awhile back I painstakingly stood by that funny tree my people put up in the house and decorated with sparkly things which dropped glitter everywhere and made me look like a transvestite retriever.

Anyway, I remember it was a time of lots of good and delicious food, but to receive some I had to have these portraits done especially for you blog readers. I fluffed up my fur, put on my best smile and posed and posed and posed while my mum took 600 photos of me. I tell you what, it was a big effort to maintain concentration with all that good food smells wafting around me.

And after all of that, I cant believe she never posted these photos of me up. Gezz, whats a dog to do to get any attention around here?

Anyway, my sunny corner is calling me, and I am already starting to dream of fluffy clouds and meadows of white fluffy lambs to chase.

Much Love,
Ruby Tuesday


  1. Ruby - you are so adorable that if I didn't have two of my own Rubies I would have to steal you somehow and take you home with me :)

  2. Miss Ruby, you really are gorgeous!

    Ingrid x

  3. Our lab just had a salon day on Sunday. Hair done, mani-pedi, the works! Now she's doing her best to tramp through the remaining dirty snow and get her smell back, I'll have to show her Ruby's glamour shots. Maybe she'll reconsider her behavior!


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