Monday, November 9, 2009

going home

I have spoken before here, here and here about how I love "going home" to my parents gardens. Home is down in Sydney, out about an hour from the city itself in a gorgeously secluded pocket of bush and acreage. Going home at spring is simply the best. Mum & Dads beautiful gardens and lawns are alive and driving towards their acreage you can spot their gardens in the distance. Its simply too beautiful, and nothing else makes me feel quite so at home.

Mum not only grows my most favourite David Austen roses, but also has a lovely collection of crystal vases to suit. I see it as my pleasure to bring the two together and fill my parents home with little pockets of flowers when I am in town. Mum never seems to find the time to bring her garden indoors, so I really hope she doesn't mind that the first thing I do when I get home is steal her best scissors and head outdoors.

This little collection of David Austen's found a new home upon the mantelpiece. With the afternoon sun reflecting through the crystal, and the most amazing fragrance to suit, they were simply too beautiful for words.


  1. Wow, they are truly amazing! Sometimes I wish we had Sydney's climate so we could grow such stunning specimens!

  2. What a beautiful bounty of David Austen roses to grace your mantlepiece. I can only imagine that that scent is just as divine. Lee :)

  3. Your parents acreage sounds devine ... and those images are just wonderful!
    Enjoy your time with your parents!

  4. How beautiful! I am a little jealous, sounds amazing and imagine all those gorgeous David Austin Roses! I would be in heaven!

  5. Good, that made me really miss Australia, and Sydney.
    In Norway it is really cold at the moment:)
    Have a good day, SP

  6. My oh my, simply divine! I can almost smell them... xx

  7. Absolutely speechless, they are stunning x


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