Saturday, May 2, 2009

happy weekend my sweets

Lovely friends how is it the weekend already? its actually a long weekend here in Qld this week, a fact which I only found out just a few days ago... oh my, such a lovely surprise!

Its going to be a busy weekend here in the studio as we have quite a lot of printing to complete. We are headed away on a exciting trip next Wednesday so there is alot to get done before we pack our bags and sail away. We are also working on a mountain of designs for new wedding clients at the moment. I simply love this process, finding out about their styles and personalities and designing a gorgeous wedding set which reflects them and their special day perfectly. Such a beautiful process!

Little Ruby Tuesday has been quite a muffin this week. Her daddy has been home (he is a pilot so comes and goes) so she has been getting alot of morning runs which makes for a very happy little studio girl indeed. Next week her favourite nanna & poppa are coming to house sit and look after her, she is bound to be spoiled indeed!

Have a beautiful weekend my sweets, see you again next week!

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  1. that's a pretty cool shot. In a way your dog seems to be smiling :)


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