Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back in the studio

My sweet lovelies thankyou for all your warm wishes, hugs for you all, your the sweetest.

After a couple of days in bed and a seriously bad case of bed hair today I am back in the studio and designing for my lovely clients again. I was hoping after a few days of bed rest to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, but the weather gods had other ideas and it has been raining torrentially non stop all day. Wonderful for our veggie garden and new plants, but not so lovely for a cooped up studio dog. Poor little Ruby muffin, she goes to her dog door, looks out the window, drops her head and does a doggie sigh. She really isn't one for getting her paws wet... Such a precious darling really.


  1. Hello darling Ruby. You look like a sweetheart. A-M xx

  2. Dogs have the most beautiful expressive faces don't they. The longing in Ruby's eyes is so dramatically cute :-D

  3. She is gorgeous, look at her pink nose and her furrowed brow....

  4. Such a model! So glad you're feeling better :)

  5. Poor sweet Ruby, I'll have to bring Ebony out to say hello again soon! So lovely to see you yesterday.


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