Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Loving Little Jane St.

Im one of those people who stay up until 2am working everynight. Crazy I know, but I just don't do mornings.

Although Im starting to think I might have to change this as most mornings my routine goes something like this: Get woken at 8am by couriors knocking on our door and Ruby (our previousally sleeping dog) barking with mad oblivion. After almost falling out of bed in fright its a mad rush to the door, while trying to throw a dressing gown over my shoulders and open the door with beautiful bed hair and a dog deterimined that the courior needs a kiss. In turn, the courior isnt impressed he has been waiting, he throws the parcel at me, and tries not to laugh at my beehive hair do. I don't know what it is about 8am, But the couriors with out fail, do arrrive. You think I would learn...

Usually our deliveries are paper stocks, printing plates and other studio items we are expecting. Today our package was a most unexpected surprise by the gorgeous Alarna at Little Jane St. I met Alarna last year at the Southbank Young Designers markets and not only is she a gorgeous thing but she is a beautiful illustrator and designer. She had sent our way a gorgeous pack of greeting cards, christmas cards and the most sweetest screen printed little pouches you have ever seen. I am totally in awe of her products, her sense of style and her beautifull illustrative work. She has a fabulous blog, and online shop here.

Thanks Alarna, your the sweetest!

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  1. Thank you for your lovely words Alischa!!! Your too sweet!

    Glad you liked the cards! You paint a hilarious picture in my mind of your morning routine - how sweet that Ruby insists on delivering his kisses!!


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