Monday, September 22, 2008

Singapore Sling

So our journey has begun.

We are incredibly fortunate that we are able to travel for greatly reduced fares around the world through my husbands work. Although it does indeed prove to be quite a gamble traveling standby. The possibility to be offloaded off a flight and stranded in some foreign country is quite the norm.

Such was the case with our flight from Brisbane to London via Singapore and Dubai. There we were at 4am in the morning offloaded off the flight once it arrived in Singapore. There was no room for us to continue our journey and so we must wait ( and wait and wait and wait) for another flight to fit us on.

Although we have managed to have ourselves a most lovely time. We have met up with a most dear friend of my husbands and he has shown us a true Singapore visit including chilli crab and singapore slings at raffles hotel and he treated us with incredible hospitality. We are eternally grateful!

Raffles is a divine building and I could without a doubt live there and never feel the need to leave. So incredibly immaculate with its white walls, brass fittings and perfect green gardens with beautiful old english wicker chairs. Simply adorable. Im inspired to add a little Raffles to our own home.

So now the journey continues, we await our flight to Dubai and say goodbye to Singapore and thank it for its most unexpected hospitality.

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